Welcome to A.S. Trans & Queer Commission!

We are a formal group under UCSB Associated Students that provides funding and advocates for trans & queer students and their communities on campus and beyond. We believe that education, representation, and community work can combat oppression and lead to the safety and comfort of all people.

If you want to receive funding for an event related to the UCSB LGBTQ+ community or bring an issue to the attention of a bunch of students who are situated at the nexus of campus trans & queer organizing, email us or stop by one of our meetings.


Received funding from us for a Spring event?

If you received funding from Queer Commission for a Spring quarter event, please submit the following form: https://asfb.as.ucsb.edu/spring-response-form. Here you can request to get reimbursed for outstanding expenses or have funds rolled over to use next year.
If you would like to still request funds for Spring quarter, please submit the following form: https://asfb.as.ucsb.edu/spring-request-form.
If you still need to submit any A.S. fund requisition forms, please view the following instructions https://www.as.ucsb.edu/requisition-form.